Raised edges


Easier preparing with one hand

Daily aid for independent spreading

The Non-Slip Board has raised edges on three sides which prevent a slice of bread from slipping. It enables single-handed spreading of bread, independent preparation of food and eating with only one hand. A practical daily aid in case of diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s which necessitate an aid for one-handed use. The special eating aid is also a non-slip aid for the elderly, in the care and for people with a disability.

ORNAMIN illustration brake function

How the raised edges work:

• non-slip board and food preparation aid are one-handed useable
• no slipping of bread slices due to raised edges
• a non-slip ring under the base provides for a firm stand
• secure hold thanks to attachable food preparation aid
• enables independent working in case of physical limitations
• useable for left- and right-handers
• the raised edges are intelligently hidden in the design and are barely recognisable as an aid
• simplified care: encourages the own motoric skills
• suitable for limited hand mobility and shaky hands

Spreading made easy

ORNAMIN Non-Slip Board
ORNAMIN Non-Slip Board
ORNAMIN Non-Slip Board
ORNAMIN Non-Slip Board

Whether a temporary fracture of the arm, a permanent disability or carrying a baby: the innovative non-slip board with raised edges enables spreading with only one hand and ensures that the usage of only one hand while spreading does not make any problems. It keeps the food securely in place like a second hand and makes the lack of the own second hand almost forgotten. Thus independent spreading despite physical limitations is effortlessly possible.