Älterer Mann mit ORNAMIN Pflegebecher in der Hand

Drinking Aids


Cups with hidden functions

The ORNAMIN special cups are particularly suitable for swallowing disorders / dysphagia, movement restrictions and little strength in the hands and make classic nose cups, sippy cups or cups with spouts redundant.

Special drinking aids for people with swallowing disorders

The intelligent ORNAMIN special cups are ideal for people with swallowing difficulties / dysphagia, with restricted movement in the neck as well as restrictions and paralysis of the upper extremities and the cervical vertebrae, as they enable drinking with a straight head posture and the head does not have to be placed in the neck. With supportive functions invisibly hidden in the design, ORNAMIN nursing aids promote independent drinking, support independence and facilitate the everyday care of professional and home caregivers. People with disabilities and senior citizens also appreciate the ORNAMIN care tableware as useful everyday aids.

Better than sippy cup and nose cup

Feeding cups, nose cups and dysphagia cups have become indispensable in nursing care. The ORNAMIN special cups make sippy cups with drinking spout and sippy attachment, learn-to-drink cups or dysphagia drinking cups superfluous. Invisible supportive functions ensure that people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) can drink easily and independently - even when lying down. Due to their material, a high-quality, lightweight and break-resistant plastic, the ORNAMIN special drinking aids can be easily grasped and held even by people with limited hand or finger mobility (e.g. gout or rheumatism), impaired motor skills, numbness in the fingers, weak, moist or shaky hands, even with strong hand tremor.

Everyday care aids

The ORNAMIN special drinking aids were developed together with people in need of care, occupational therapists and professional caregivers and are tailored to the special needs of patients, caregivers in retirement homes, nursing homes and hospital staff. In contrast to classic care products, the ORNAMIN drinking aids can be used intuitively, are not stigmatising, relieve caregivers and increase the quality of life of those affected. They are suitable as Alzheimer's crockery, dementia crockery, aids for seniors and crockery for the disabled without attracting attention as 'disability crockery'.