Reusable solutions at home

Take away - Serve - Store 

Verkäufer gibt gefülltes Mehrweggeschirr von ORNAMIN über den Tresen

Packaging-free shopping

When shopping, do without cling film and packaging waste and take your food to the sausage, cheese, fresh food counter and salad bar in your own reusable tray that you have brought with you.

One reusable bowl - many advantages

  • Use a reusable bowl - save lots of disposable plastic waste
  • Live sustainable and almost without disposable packaging
  • Save valuable and rare resources
  • Minimise your CO2 consumption
  • Be an active supporter of climate protection 

Tisch voll gedeckt mit vielen ORNAMIN Schalen und Bechern


Set your table with ORNAMIN reusable bowls, and boxes - they are not only practical but also look beautiful.

Junge Frau stapelt ihre befüllten ORNAMIN Schalen in der Küche


Use the ORNAMIN reusable bowls and cups for practical storage in the fridge or freezer. You have a very good overview with our crystal-clear items - this is how storage is made sustainable and easy!

Discover ORNAMIN reusable tableware

Sustainable living

From the counter to the table to the fridge and to work. We have room in your everyday life. With ORNAMIN 2Go you can pick up your food, seal it securely, take it with you in any bag, serve it up great on the table at home, stack us in the fridge to save space and take the finished meal back with you the next day. Wherever you are, be sustainable on the road.

Bring your bowl with you: Save packaging waste at the counter and simply bring your own reusable bowls. Have your food filled and take it home, to work or on an outing in comfort.

Store and take away: Round or square, flat, medium or tall, storage boxes are the sustainable everyday companion. They fit in every fridge and in every bag when out and about. They can be securely closed and keep tight. Particularly practical in a glass look, then you can see directly what's inside.

Take away, serve & serve up: Lunch, snacks for dinner with friends, take it all with you and prepare it again at home. The bowls close securely for transport and look stylish on a laid table.

Practical storage: The bowls also cut a good figure in the fridge and stack well to save space. The advantage of the crystal-clear bowls: you can see immediately what's inside. And with a flick of the wrist, the finished lunch can simply be taken away again the next day.