Eating & drinking aids


For the professional and domestic care

ORNAMIN has set itself the task to maintain the independence of people in need of care with intelligent eating and drinking aids and to facilitate everyday life for caring relatives and professional carers.

Care aids with intelligent design

The special tableware with hidden features in the design by ORNAMIN has been developed together with people in need of care and occupational therapists and is adjusted to the special needs of patients, carers and hospital staff. The ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids support to maintain independence while eating and drinking. They are intuitively usable, not stigmatising, relieve the care staff and increase the quality of life of people concerned.

ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids

Disease patterns

Eating and drinking aids for the care

The innovative functional tableware facilitates everyday life in care, supports independent eating and drinking and makes life a little bit more self-determined. In the different nursing fields the aids by ORNAMIN offer help in everyday life and increase the quality of life of people concerned.

The innovative products with their funky designs are very popular and help to reduce the stigma around using aids when living with a medical condition or disability. Our customers love the ‘hidden features’ which enable families to eat together with dignity and independence.

Alex Roberts – Retail & Promotions Manager MedEquip / Manage@Home