zero waste-series: 100% recycled

ORNAMIN relies on circular economy: to ensure that sustainability does not remain just a word, ORNAMIN recycles raw materials. The parts sorted out during production are separated by type, ground and dyed in modern, neutral anthracite due to the resulting mixed colours. In this way, new products are created in closed cycles that generate no waste. Ecologically sensible and maximum recycling is ensured.


Ecological reusable tableware made from recycled materials

All coffee to go cups and food to go bowls and bowls of the zero waste series are made of 100% recycled material and 100% Made in Germany. They look really stylish, are sustainable and ecological, because products from closed cycles (circular economy) protect the environment and do not create waste. Set an example for a clean environment and sustainable future with a fully recycled to go item.

Instead of disposable: take-away food and drink

The sturdy ORNAMIN coffee to go reusable cups are perfect for on the go when driving or going to the office. Hot drinks such as coffee or tea can easily be filled up at any coffee machine, bakery or petrol station and taken away. Also perfect as tea to go, smoothie to go, iced tea to go or cocktail to go. The ORNAMIN food to go bowls are ideal for lunch to the office, salad for the break or yoghurt with muesli and fruit during the breakfast break: instead of taking lunch dishes from the supermarket, bakery or canteen in disposable containers, the food can be filled directly at the counter in reusable take-away bowls and taken along as lunch to go. The ORNAMIN To go series also includes bowls for the popular bowl and ramen dishes. With matching ORNAMIN to go lids, the reusable dishes can be closed to prevent sloshing, stowed away to save space and carried safely in any bag.

The alternative to porcelain, ceramic or glass

In contrast to porcelain, glass or ceramic, ORNAMIN cups made of high-quality plastic are easier to handle because they do not get so hot. They are also very light and do not break easily. The ORNAMIN coffee to go reusable cups and food to go reusable bowls are free of harmful substances and can be heated in the microwave without hesitation. After eating, the reusable dishes can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.