That's right. But ORNAMIN tableware is made of high-quality plastic. And that offers many advantages.



Longer lifetime, excellent efficiency: ORNAMIN tableware has many good characteristics.

Children's tableware


ORNAMIN tableware is always the right choice: at home or in nurseries.


Is this porcelain?

No, better: this is plastic.

Of course the look and feel of porcelain is something special. If only it was not so sensitive. This is where the ORNAMIN reusable tableware comes into play. Made of high-quality plastic, it looks deceptively similar to porcelain and is already therefore a good choice: for professional use in canteens, cafeterias and nurseries. Or just as camping dishes in a caravan or on trips. And of course also as break-resistant children’s tableware at home.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup with high wall thickness


Meals stay warm for longer, no plate dispenser necessary.

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Less replacements

Due to the durable high-quality plastic less tableware gets broken.

ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

Especially light

Enormous relief of the staff due to the low weight of the reusable plastic.


Durable and sustainable – high-quality tableware made of reusable plastic offers many benefits.

The special advantage of our tableware in comparison with porcelain? It is very clear: it is extremely sturdy. And that especially means: it lasts significantly longer. In addition, it is lighter and more low-noise to use than compared to porcelain crockery. The feel is also convincing: it feels just as valuable as normal porcelain. And if it falls down, it will not break.

ORNAMIN tableware lasts longer


ORNAMIN tableware is extremely sturdy. This also means: no shards and no risk of injuries if it falls to the ground. The low fracture susceptibility ensures a longer durability in comparison to porcelain tableware.


Convincing look and feel


The porcelain-like appearance makes the ORNAMIN tableware a real eye-catcher. And with the variety of series, colours and decors, everyone can find the tableware to suit their taste. Also the feel is convincing: ORNAMIN tableware also feels like porcelain.

ORNAMIN tableware everywhere


ORNAMIN tableware is the sustainable and cost-saving solution for every canteen or cafeteria. Children learn to eat with it and also in schools there is significantly less breakage. Picnic lovers and hikers are also pleased about the low weight.


Crockery for young and old

ORNAMIN tableware fits everywhere and for everyone. For private use: at home or on the go. In the professional sector: For young and old. Children learn to eat independently without danger. And in German canteens a little more calm is finally returning.

Already convinced?

Of course all products are available in our online shop.

The Ornamin canteen tableware has been used in our canteen for four years. We can talk well during lunch, because a noise emission compared to porcelain dishes is hardly noticeable. The durability of the tableware is also enormous.

Cordula Küppers,
Ratsgymnasium Minden

The advantages of plastic tableware are obvious. When several thousand trays and plates pass through the hands of staff and students in the canteen, weight and background noise make a big difference when handling the dishes.

Detlef Will,
Department Head Hochschulgastronomie Bielefeld

In 2008, we decided to introduce new tableware in our canteens. According to our specifications, ORNAMIN has developed the tableware series in campus style, which we have been using since then and from which the students and the Studentenwerk benefit equally.

Frank Sager,
Director CampusGastronomie

You are looking for tableware for canteens?

We have crockery for professional use

Lunch in a crowded school canteen? That can get loud. Good if at least the dishes do not additionally heat up the background noise. And the kitchen staff are pleased that the dishes are not so heavy.

Canteen tableware

• less replacements: due to the durable high-quality plastic there is less breakage, plates and mugs do not need to be often replaced.
• customisable: whether own logo or design – everything is possible.
• dishwasher safe: also suitable for industrial dishwashers.
• easier to carry: weighes only 1/3 of porcelain.
• sustainable and ecofriendly: all dishes consist of BPA-free high-quality plastic, are 100 % Made in Germany and can be recycled.

ORNAMIN Landhaus-Serie
ORNAMIN Campus-Serie
ORNAMINs puristische Geschirr-Serie
ORNAMINs elegante Geschirr-Serie
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Tableware that pays off

Advantages at a glance

Its long durability makes our quality tableware a sustainable and cost-saving investment. It is break-resistant, light, dishwasher-safe and is much less likely to break than porcelain dishes. In addition, we also offer the opportunity to hire the tableware. All economic advantages at a glance.


Daniela Bugla, Sales

ORNAMIN contact

You are interested in the sustainable reusable system solutions by ORNAMIN? We are happy to make you an individual offer.

Daniela Bugla, Sales +44 (0) 121 667 6279