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In short: Quite a colorful bunch.

And what else…?

We are a modern, environmentally conscious family business with honest values and big goals.
With 120 employees, we are constantly working on numerous ideas at our company headquarters in Minden, many of which have already received multiple awards, all with the common objective of making the world more sustainable.
We keep up with the times and are always open to innovations and creative ideas - including yours. Of course, as long as they align with our philosophy of "Honestly sustainable".


...we do for people

Loyalty, honesty and a healthy sense of humour - these values accompany us every day - whether it's in our dealings with customers, suppliers, or our employees.
Furthermore, we are dedicated to the principle of "strengthening strengths" for our employees! This means that we foster your unique potentials, whether through training programs, seminars, or by providing support for your studies. We are always open to your initiatives and are happy to assist you in your personal development.

...we do together

Togetherness is highly valued here: We work, discuss, celebrate, laugh, lose, and win together. And we find solutions that benefit everyone, such as supporting your individual work-life balance! In recognition of our efforts, we have already received multiple "Family-Friendly Company. awards"

...we do in Minden

From production to sales, we take pride in being able to proudly label our products with the "Made in Germany" seal.

...we do for the environment

Our mission: sustainable business. In our resource-efficient production, we exclusively manufacture products with meaningful benefits and long lifespans, in line with a clean future. Our goals extend far beyond this, and we are on a good path: As part of active environmental management, we have already integrated internal recycling processes and successfully reduced our waste generation. In 2022, Ornamin was also certified as a climate-neutral company.

Join us and let's shape a sustainable world together!


Sustainably advantageous

Shape your working hours flexibly - whether you want to spend more time with your children, have specific time constraints, or prefer to engage in morning sports activities - we support you in designing your daily life according to your needs! When it comes to weekly working hours, everything is possible: We develop the appropriate solution for you, down to the second decimal place.

Are you eager to learn and expand your horizons? Whether it's internal training programs or pursuing a part-time degree, we encourage your individual strengths and provide opportunities for your professional and personal growth!

To keep you adequately hydrated and caffeinated, we provide fresh water, tea, and coffee free of charge. In the autumn and winter, we also offer fresh fruit to ensure you get enough vitamins. For when you get really hungry, a bakery cart arrives every morning, and you can conveniently order a complete lunch from our partner, Meyer Menü!

Lease your company car through salary conversion - in line with climate protection, an electric vehicle is also available. If you're the sporty type, an e-bike is also a possibility. For your electric vehicle, we have charging stations directly in our parking lot, and your bike will find a secure shelter in our lockable bike storage!

It may sound dry at first, but it's a great offer for you: In addition to capital-forming benefits, we provide subsidies towards your occupational disability insurance and/or retirement savings, so you can confidently face the future without worries.

Togetherness is highly valued here: Whether it's enjoying bratwurst and beer after work or going on a fun day trip over the weekend, we like to spend parts of our leisure time together too. This strengthens our team and creates some memorable and enjoyable moments.

We treat each other as equals, foster an open communication culture, and maintain a respectful environment. Moreover, there is plenty of room for individual responsibility here, because only when you are allowed to work independently and take ownership of your tasks can you unleash your full potential.

Health comes first - feel free to take advantage of our health-promoting offerings, such as a flu vaccination or an ergonomic assessment of your workplace.

As a little bonus to your salary, you will receive a card that is charged every month with an amount of money. You can use it at gas stations, for shopping, cinema tickets, or at the supermarket - it's entirely up to you!


You can't find the right position for yourself and still want to be part of the ORNAMIN family to support the team with your strengths. Then please send us your meaningful speculative application. We look forward to getting to know you!


"Taking on leadership and responsibility in a young and motivated team challenges me every day. The variety and the connection to a great product make me enjoy going to work (almost) every morning." 

Tom Gnieser

Head of Strategic Procurement

"Ornamin is a matter of the heart for me and more than just an employer, it's like a second family. Here, everyone gets the chance to develop themselves and take on responsibility as a young leader and actively shape the future of the company." 

Elvira Nagel


"After my studies, I started at ORNAMIN as a trainee and thus had an ideal start to my professional life. I had the opportunity to get to know different areas better and then focus on my strengths." 

Katja Antal


"ORNAMIN offers everyone the chance to discover their strengths and take them forward. Everyone here has an individual, colourful and perhaps unconventional path to look back on in this company. That makes ORNAMIN unique". 

Kira Solinske

Head of Quality Management

"It is something special to be a part of the ORNAMIN team because the focus is not only on the employees as workers, but as human beings." 

Alessa Trindade

Production Management

"Ornamin is a company that stands for values that go beyond economic success. Striving to create a successful and sustainable future makes working at Ornamin particularly exciting. And life would be boring without Ornamin." 

Anne Matthes

Quality Management and Controlling

"ORNAMIN is a textbook example of a family-owned company. For over 60 years, we have been putting people at the center - both as customers and as employees. That's why I am proud and wholeheartedly consider myself an Ornaminer." 

Sören Müller

Finance, HR & IT


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Vera Cagigas

+49 (0) 571 88 80 8-97


We value personal connections, so the more personal, the better! Tell us what drives you, what strengths and weaknesses you bring, what goals you have, what motivates you, and most importantly: why you want to work with us.
We look forward to learning as much as possible about you.


Show us what has happened in your life so far - typically in a chronological and tabular form. If you are writing a resume for the first time: A resume includes your most important biographical data such as name, address, date and place of birth, your educational background, professional experiences such as internships or previous positions, as well as special qualifications, language and computer skills, volunteer work, and hobbies.
Important: Don't forget the date and signature.


A photo is not mandatory. However, it would be preferable, as it helps us to better visualize you as a person alongside your facts, data, and words.


If you are applying as a student or shortly after completing your education, please include copies of your last two school certificates with your application. If you have concerns about this, we can assure you that your grades are not the only thing we consider.

If you have already completed one or more internships, hold a volunteer position, or can demonstrate special dedication - such as having a first aid or coaching certificate, or training as a conflict mediator or communication coach - please let us know. We appreciate individuals who are exceptionally dedicated.


We prefer to receive applications via email! Please attach your application documents as a PDF file to your email.
If you are more inclined towards the traditional approach, we also accept applications by mail or in person.

Alternatively, you can apply directly through our online application form.

To the application form


The first step is up to you: Send us your application.
The next step is up to us: We will carefully review your application. Depending on the number of applications we receive, this may take some time, as we strive to treat all applicants equally. For you, this means you'll have to wait for now.
If there is mutual interest, you will receive an invitation from us for an interview! Even if your desired position is not available at the moment, you will be notified.
If you're unsure whether everything went smoothly or feeling particularly anxious, you can always give us a call to inquire about the status of your application.


If you arrive by car, you can park in one of the visitor parking spaces right in front of our building. If you come by bike, you'll find a bike rack in our courtyard, right next to the large gray gate. Once you have parked, we will be waiting for you in our administration - there, you will be warmly welcomed.

Having trouble with the directions? Don't worry - we can also pick you up personally for your job interview.
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