Non-slip function


Hold more securely

Non-slip aid for independent eating and drinking

The decors, grip pads and cup sleeves of the non-slip daily aids are made of special non-slip material and guarantee a secure hold also for clammy, numb and shaky hands, in case of a tremor or numb fingertips. The daily helpers are practical care aids for people with a disability, the elderly as well as in case of diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

ORNAMIN Non-Slip function

How the non-slip function works:

• secure hold due to special non-slip surface
• no slipping of the cup
• secure grip also for children’s hands
• enables independent drinking in case of physical limitations
• the non-slip function is intelligently hidden in the design, the cup looks like a common cup
• simplified care: quick and simple liquid control due to non-slip scale
• suitable for clammy or shaky hands, numbness in the fingers, multiple sclerosis, after a stroke

Securely firm grip

ORNAMIN Cup with Non-Slip Scale
ORNAMIN Cup with Non-Slip Flower
ORNAMIN Cup with Non-Slip Scale
ORNAMIN Cup with Non-Slip Flower

The cup with non-slip scale combines two functions: On the one hand the decor offers firm hold due to the non-slip surface. On the other hand the colourful decor enables a simple liquid control as it is easily recognisable how much liquid is inside the cup. This quick control of the capacity is a great relief e.g. for the care staff. Children’s hands instead are still developing and still have to learn how to grip and hold. Thanks to the special non-slip coating even small hands can hold the cups with non-slip function securely.