Brake function


Stable stand

Eating aids for independent and secure eating

The non-slip plates, bowls and boards are non-slip aids as well as practical daily aids for the elderly, in the care, for feeding and in case of diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s. A hidden non-slip ring under the base ensures that nothing slips while eating which makes it a perfect care aid.

ORNAMIN Brake function

How the brake function works:

• firm hold, no slipping due to non-slip ring under the base
• enables independent eating in case of physical limitations
• for left- and right-handers, useable with one hand
• the brake function is intelligently hidden in the design and not recognisable as an aid
• simplified care: encourages the own motoric skills
• suitable for limited hand mobility and shaky hands

Non-slip support which no one sees

ORNAMIN Plate with Sloped Base
ORNAMIN Keep Warm Bowl
ORNAMIN Non-Slip Board
ORNAMIN Keep Warm Plate

The brake function enables independent eating when only one hand is available. Nothing slips anymore, nothing gets more complicated – like an invisible hand which holds the plate or chopping board. This security is especially important for children, people with a disability or temporary limitations such as a broken arm. The best thing is that the supportive feature is not obviously recognisable.