Take away


Sustainable reusable tableware for on the go

Food and drinks to take away

To go is much more than just a trend, but by using disposable packaging resources are wasted and the environment is affected. To reduce waste caused by using disposable packaging, ORNAMIN offers sustainable and modern reusable solutions for coffee to take away and food to take away.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go

Coffee to take away

The coffee to go cups by ORNAMIN combine modern elegance with handling. Moreover they are especially light and break-resistant. The reusable mugs are available in different sizes, colours and designs as well as in crystal clear and white. By using the leakproof to go-lid nothing will be spilled on the go.

ORNAMIN Food to go Bowls

Food to take away

The reusable ORNAMIN food to go bowls are not only useful but also ecofriendly and sustainable. The meals can be taken with you and directly warmed up with the bowl in the microwave. The take away serie contains also bowls for the popular bowl and ramen dishes.

Ecological and no licensing obligation

With the entry into force of the new packaging act, packaging that typically accumulates as waste at the end consumer is subject to licensing. This also involves coffee to go cups and bowls. ORNAMIN’s reusable solutions make you independent of this system requirement. The use of reusable products is no longer only ecologically but also economically reasonable. Thus using reusable cups and bowls offers you a high savings potential.

ORNAMIN reusable map

Reusable systems for cities

Ornamin develops and produces sustainable to go solutions. The coffee to go cups and food to go bowls are customisable and dishwasher safe. Moreover the bowls and lids can be equipped with RFID technology in order to facilitate e.g. processes of payment, deposit or return.