„In 2008 we decided to introduce new tableware in our canteens. ORNAMIN has developed the tableware series in campus style according to our specifications, which we have been using since then and from which the students and the student union benefit equally. Above all, the material characteristics of melamine meet our wishes and daily requirements very well. Since then we appreciate the close and cooperative exchange with ORNAMIN and look forward to further joint projects.“ 

Frank Sager

Head of Campus Gastronomie

Change of generations regarding tableware at the Studentenwerk Göttingen

In addition to a new, ultra-modern flushing system for the central canteen, the student union Göttingen also decided to introduce new tableware in 2008.

The old plastic trays with recesses used by generations of students have since been replaced by ORNAMIN’s tableware series in campus style. Every day about 7,000 meals are prepared in the canteen – about 5,000 octagonal plates and thousands of salad, dip and dessert bowls are used with great success and popularity on all sides. This means a considerable gain in quality and efficiency – because with the new dishes and the new dishwasher, the student union is in a position to offer all guests an appealing dining experience at a fair price.

In addition to a particularly elegant presentation of the food, the angular shape also ensures significantly more efficient work processes – because all plates can be easily processed by the fully automatic rinsing system.


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