Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone 140 ml with Drinking Lid

Ergonomic feeding cup with two handles for secure drinking without overstretching the neck


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Note:  This set (Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone model 815 and Drinking Lid model 814)... more
"Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone 140 ml with Drinking Lid"
  • Replaces the classic spouted lid: discreet Drinking Lid which hides inside the cup, holes all around enable drinking from all sides
  • Easy drinking up without help: the mug's internal cone enables drinking even while laying - two handles for firm hold
  • Practical daily help for the elderly, private and professional care and people living with diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, dysphagia
  • The mug made of break-resistant quality plastic is durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable
  • High-quality plastic in ORNAMIN quality, made in Germany
Product information:
Model No.: 815 + 814
Material: PP
Diameter: 80,5 mm
Weight: 159 g
Volume: 140 ml
EAN / GTIN: 4041736109977
Order No.: 12485, 11908
internal cone, thermo function
Use and Care Instructions
dishwasher safe

Note: This set (Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone model 815 and Drinking Lid model 814) is designed specifically for people with a long-term disability and therefore is accepted as subject to VAT relief on Amazon.

This set consists of two separately available components the Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone 140 ml (model 815) and the Drinking Lid (ø 70 mm) (model 814).

Practical aid for at home and care.
The Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone is ergonomically shaped which makes it easy to grab and guarantees secure hold whilst drinking – also when dealing with strong shaking or muscle weakness. The mug spreads good mood in everyday life in blue, green, red, yellow and blackberry and makes life in care institutions or hospitals a bit more colourful. The bright colours also make the mug easily recognisable. In addition, the lid prevents liquids from spilling.

No choking, no scalding.
The Drinking Lid with all round openings makes drinking from all sides possible, which encourages intuitive use. Its design makes it disappear inside the mug, so it does not stand out as a drinking aid. Additionally, the drinking lid reduces the risk of choking, since compared to a spouted lid, the swallowing reflex is triggered through direct contact with the lip– similarly to when drinking without a lid. Moreover, the user can feel the temperature of the beverage with the lips and is less likely to get burned on the tongue or mouth than when drinking with a spouted lid. For straw-lovers there is a special opening the straw can be clamped in.

By the way: In summer the Drinking Lid also serves as a protection against insects.

The internal cone.
A special feature is hidden in the pretty design of the Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone: Its inside is conically shaped. With this feature the mug can be emptied comfortably, without leaning the head back. Also for physical limitations or in a lying position this mug can guarantee drinking enjoyment, which makes it a true everyday aid for seniors and people living with disability.

The thermal function.
The keep warm feature guarantees that in this mug cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot – just as it should be. The air between the inside and outside wall creates a thermal effect – also when drinking at a low speed. So everyone can enjoy their favourite drink at the perfect temperature - whether at breakfast or afternoon tea.

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