Two Handled Mug 220 ml with Spouted Lid

Ergonomic plastic mug with two handles, firm hold also for shaky hands


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Note:  This set (Two Handled Mug model 816 and Spouted Lid small opening model 806) is... more
"Two Handled Mug 220 ml with Spouted Lid"
  • Firm hold while strong trembles due to two handles, quick content control thanks to the integrated scale
  • Due to the lid with extra long spout the head hardly needs to be tilted backwards while drinking
  • Practical daily helper for the elderly, private and professional care and people living with diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer's, dementiamultiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, dysphagia
  • The drinking cup made of break-resistant quality plastic is durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable
  • High-quality plastic in ORNAMIN quality, made in Germany
Product information:
Model No.: 816 + 806
Material: PP
Diameter: 71 mm
Weight: 110 g
Volume: 220 ml
EAN / GTIN: 4041736105733
Order No.: 3195, 1184
Use and Care Instructions
dishwasher safe

Note: This set (Two Handled Mug model 816 and Spouted Lid small opening model 806) is designed specifically for people with a long-term disability and therefore is accepted as subject to VAT relief on Amazon.

This set consists of two separately available components: the Two Handled Mug 220 ml (model 816) and the Spouted Lid with small opening (ø 5 mm) (model 806).

Stability and secure hold.
The two handles on the ORNAMIN mug offer secure and stable handling. It ensures extra hold when dealing with strong shaking, for instance a tremor, and the scale on the inside of the mugs makes quick and easy content control possible. With a weight of only 60 g the ergonomically shaped plastic mug is a true light-weight. Thanks to the shatterproof material, the mug does not break, in case it gets dropped.

Easy content control.
Due to its volume capacity, the care mug has a lot of room for coffee, tea, juice or water. To make checking the content easier for staff, the inside features a helpful scale. This way, a quick look is enough to check whether the patient has drunk enough liquid or if there is something left in the mug.
Different colour allocations.
Available in five colours, the mug does mot only brighten up any table setting but can be allocated perfectly to individual wards or people.

Independent drinking.
Drinking independently again despite a disability increases the affected person’s confidence and self-esteem. The drinking lid (ø 5 mm) – also called a spouted lid – protects against spilling and leaking. People with limited neck mobility benefit especially from the length of the spout, since the head does not have to be overstretched while drinking. The Spouted Lid gives people with disability more security. Also, it helps children with emptying the cup or mug completely, which makes it a true everyday aid.
Both components are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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