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Coffee for on the go from the bakery and service station or food for take-away from the canteen: Coffee to go and food to go are not only a trend but represent an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. But the disposable tableware and cups cause a huge amount of trash. This is why many cities and public institutions are looking for practicable reusable solutions, e.g. in terms of a uniform deposit system for reusable cups in order to preserve the environment and resources. With its coffee to go mugs and food to go bowls ORNAMIN offers sustainable solutions for reusable systems which can be implemented in any reusable systems.

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Reusable instead of disposable

The reusable high-quality mugs by ORNAMIN represent an attractive alternative to disposable paper cups. The sustainable production made in Germany and can be individually and dishwasher safe printed, even with a low number of units. Each city, bakery, service station, canteen or hospital can create their own design. Even reusable systems for food to go and the equipment of reusable cups with RFID technology is possible, e.g. in order to facilitate processes of deposit or return.

Why tableware made of plastic?

ORNAMIN extremely sturdy

The reusable ORNAMIN dishes made of high-quality plastic are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and much longer durable, lighter and more break-resistant than tableware made of glass or porcelain.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cups recyclable

Sustainable production made in Germany. Moreover the reusable mugs can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. Also with regard to ecological aspects they provide excellent results.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup with high wall thickness

During production energy is saved. While the processing temperature of glass is about 800 degrees and the one of porcelain over 1000 degrees, thermoplastic requires only about 200 degrees.

With ORNAMIN independent of the licensing obligation

With the entry into force of the new packaging act, packaging that typically accumulates as waste at the end consumer is subject to licensing. This also involves coffee to go cups and bowls. ORNAMIN’s reusable solutions make you independent of this system requirement. The use of reusable products is no longer only ecologically but also economically reasonable. Thus using reusable cups and bowls offers you a high savings potential.

Which kinds of reusable systems exist?

There are different possibilities to implement an own reusable system or to participate in one.

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Step by step to your reusable solution

1. Design

Choose your reusable solution from the ORNAMIN standard range or create your own design. Gladly we will support you in the process of designing your preferred decor.

2. Order and shipping

ORNAMIN delivers its products directly to its selling points. In case of major projects opportunity to process orders via an online platform. Time of delivery after approval of decor: 1-6 weeks.

3. Advertising and sales

Advertising of reusable campaigns at the point of sale by using posters, flyers, displays. Gladly we will support you in case of accessory marketing activities.

ORNAMIN reusable map

The reusable map

In collaboration with different cities and communities ORNAMIN has already realised numerous reusable projects. Thereby all participating restaurants, bakeries, cafés, service stations or canteens have been equipped with the ORNAMIN coffee to go mugs or food to go bowls and these have been integrated into a uniform deposit system.

Realised reusable projects


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