Children's tableware has to be safe but it should also make fun. Then eating independently works out well.



If it just does not break

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Robust children's tableware for relaxed everyday life


Eating by yourself? Very easy!

Children's tableware for at home, school and nursery

Anyone who wants to offer children’s tableware cannot simply shrink adult crockery. Children’s hands want to learn. And they make mistakes. Quickly, cups or plates are lying on the floor. Children’s crockery must therefore be break-resistant. And it has to be light so that independent eating and drinking is fun. Children like bright colours and funny designs. Now all that is left to do is that the food has to taste good. But that is your part.

ORNAMIN kids cup
ORNAMIN kids cup
ORNAMIN tableware secure grip

Security & firm hold

BPA-free, safe hold thanks to grip pads and non-slip ring

ORNAMIN extremely sturdy


especially sturdy: no shards, no risk of injuries

ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

Particularly light

high-quality reusable tableware weighs only approx. 1/3 of porcelain

Optimal for children's hands

Colourful, light, airworthy: ORNAMIN children's tableware withstands a lot.

Eating has to be learned: thanks to the anti-slip function, our cups and plates stay in place. The children’s tableware is also easier to grab, which significantly minimises the risk of an unintentional plate flight. And if gravity does win, there might be a little stain, but certainly no dangerous shards.

Crockery for children of all ages


No shards, no risk of injury – because safety is most important for children. The ORNAMIN children’s tableware is designed in a way that even the youngest can handle it. If it falls to the ground, nothing breaks. And for the good feeling: The high-quality plastic, from which the dishes are made, is BPA-free and 100% Made in Germany.


Eating independently made easy


All ORNAMIN plates, bowls and cups are ergonomically optimally adjusted to the motor skills and strength of children in terms of size and weight. The non-slip grip pads give firm hold and a non-slip ring on the bottom of the plate and bowl ensures a secure stand on the table. So everything works out smoothly.

Designs that make fun


Fairy tales, cooking, adventure, zoo or playing: Our children’s tableware is available with many coloured decorations regarding different themes. And for individualists: all tableware pieces can be customised even in small quantities. Your own logo, your own designs – everything is possible. How about big strong bears, dear bear group?

Already convinced?

Of course all products are available in our online shop.

Children are stimulated to eat by the designs. As you eat up, more and more of the designs become visible little by little. This supports the children’s desire to eat. Especially for the very young children, eating up at lunch is an important topic.

Ute Pape, Director of the nursery at Martinikirchhof in Minden

We decided to buy the children’s tableware ‘For Little Heroes’ by ORNAMIN, because it convinces visually and provides safety in the U3 area due to its break-resistant material and the non-slip rings on the bottom. With the non-slip handles, children can hold their tableware optimally by themselves. For our employees it is also an advantage that the dishes are easy to clean and dry quickly.

Sabine Juschkat-Schmidt,
Nursery Purzelbande & Purzelburg

My employees immediately noticed the low weight of the dishes – an enormous relief in their daily work.

Mrs Kamenz,
Director „Stattküche“, school and nursery catering
Canteen in the Schulzentrum Süd Porta Westfalica

We wanted ORNAMIN dishes in order to invest in something long-lasting that doesn’t break so fast when it falls down. Especially in nurseries, this is a valuable criterion. The good service, the attentive advice, the regionality of ORNAMIN and the optimal price-performance ratio of the tableware have finally convinced us.

Angela Grebasch
Head of the Day-Care Centre Hahlen

We were particularly impressed by the price-performance ratio. We can use the dishes for a long time without having to worry about a new budget.

Yvonne Schäfer
Nursery Management of the DRK Nursery „Findikus“ Bautzen

Are you looking for crockery for your nursery or school?

We equip also professional institutions

Everyday life in kindergartens, nurseries and schools is often chaotic. Conventional porcelain and ceramic tableware breaks quickly. Children can easily injure themselves and the crockery often has to be replaced. Loud clattering of dishes causes restlessness, previous plastic dishes are often of inferior quality and wear out quickly. Therefore, educators appreciate the professional quality of ORNAMIN nursery tableware, because it is especially designed for the special requirements of kindergartens, day-care centres and U3-care.

Tableware for busy institutions

Crockery for children of all ages

• Save money. Due to the durable quality plastic, less breakage occurs and plates and cups do not have to be often replaced.
• Rabbit or hedgehog? Use different colours or decorations and the children immediately know: This is my group.
• Doing it yourself means learning faster. Grip pads and cuffs help children to grab the tableware better and require less help.
• On request you also get your customised tableware. Whether it is the nursery logo, special decoration or pictures of the children on the dishes
– everything is possible.
• Pleasantly quiet: Due to the particularly low-noise material, the noise level is greatly reduced when eating.
• Dishwasher safe: also suitable for industrial dishwashers.
• Easier to carry: The weight of our tableware is only 1/3 of porcelain.
• Sustainable and ecofriendly: All tableware parts are made of BPA-free quality plastic, are 100% Made in Germany and can be recycled.

Foto: Tischszene Jungs am Tisch in Kindertagesstätte

Tableware that pays off

The advantages at a glance

Its long durability makes our quality tableware a sustainable and cost-saving investment. It is break-resistant, light, dishwasher safe and is much less likely to break than porcelain crockery. In addition, we also offer rental purchase of the tableware. All economic advantages at a glance.


Daniela Bugla, Sales

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You are interested in the ORNAMIN high-quality tableware for professional use in nurseries and day-care centres? We are happy to make you an individual offer.

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