Canteen tableware


Instead of disposable packaging


Tastes even better if you can return the packaging and it will be reused.


Sustainable alternative to porcelain

The sturdy plastic tableware for canteens and staff kitchens which looks similar to porcelain is break-resistant and durable. The light weight relieves the staff. This is sustainable and pays off for everyone.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup with high wall thickness


Meals stay warm for longer, no plate dispenser necessary.

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Less replacements

Due to the durable high-quality plastic there is less breakage.

ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

Especially light

Enormous relief of the staff due to the light weight of the reusable plastic.

Innovations for professionals

Low-noise, light weight, durable and ecofriendly – high-quality tableware made of reusable plastic offers companies many sustainable advantages.

In the communal catering, materials such as glassware or porcelain quickly break and cause a high risk of injury due to splitters and shards. Loud rattling is annoying and carrying heavy dishes often leads to tenosynovitis. ORNAMIN reusable tableware provides relief for the staff as it is a real light weight. It is also innovative: all tableware parts can be equipped with RFID technologies in order to simplify processes of payment or deposit/return.

Reusable crockery for universities.


Comfortably quiet for students, comfortably light for the staff and nice to look at for all guests – ORNAMIN reusable tableware made of high-quality plastic is break-resistant, economical, scratch proof and resistant to discolouration. In everyday life in the canteen it saves time, minimises the risk of injury and is suitable for industrial dishwashers. The functional and modern tableware in timeless design is 100 % recyclable, 100 % made in Germany and 100 % suitable for the daily challenges of a canteen.

ORNMIN Geschirr für Mensen und Kantinen
ORNMIN Geschirr für Mensen und Kantinen

Professional tableware for the communal catering.


A real added value for employees and guests – the ORNAMIN professional tableware. Being comfortably low-noise and sturdy makes our tableware made of high-quality plastic for the communal catering not only a relief for the staff, but also for the guests. The porcelain-like appearance creates an elegant look in any restaurant and at the same time reduces noise from loud rattling. Also perfect as dishes to go for delivery services and out-of-home catering.

A lot of crockery for a lot to do

Elegant, puristic, classic or modern – we have the tableware series which perfectly suits your needs.

Advantages that last forever

ORNAMIN tableware is 1/3 lighter than porcelain, which relieves the staff in canteens and the communal catering. We take back discarded crockery parts as well as broken tableware and recycle them ecologically reasonably.


Durable like hardly any other tableware.

ORNAMIN products do not only pay off for the environment. Our professional tableware for commercial kitchens is break-resistant, durable and pleasantly light and low-noise. This is a benefit for all.

ORNAMIN Geschirr für die Gemeinschaftsgastronomie
ORNAMIN Coffee to go Becher


Rethought for the environment.

We produce our sustainable products in Germany. Our skill: all products are 100 % recyclable and virtually unbreakable. During production the environment and climate are preserved. Smart, isn’t it?

Material advantages

One material, many advantages.

Our skill is our plastic: break-resistant, sturdy, comfortably quiet and 100 % made in Germany. In addition, ORNAMIN tableware is ecologically reasonably recyclable and consists partly of renewable raw materials. The life cycle assessment is therefore not only positive for the environment, but also for you.

ORNAMIN Mehrwegkunststoff-Granualt


Much accomplished and a lot more to do – discover where the smart reusable plastic tableware by ORNAMIN is already sustainably in use.

Already convinced?

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Out-of-home catering tastes sustainably better now.


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