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On the road with the caravan, during a stop on the bike tour or while having a barbecue in the garden: ORNAMIN tableware is the perfect companion.



Aside the big streets, driving a caravan can get wobbly. No problem for ORNAMIN’s break-resistant plastic crockery.

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Light, robust, break-resistant. You will enjoy the ORNAMIN camping crockery for a long time, because it won't break.


Camping & outdoor tableware

For world explorers and local explorers

What’s your next destination? Hiking boots on and off into the mountains? A bike ride to the next swimming lake? With the caravan through Europe? Or even a world circumnavigation? Whether it is a small tour or a big trip: the ORNAMIN plastic tableware is always perfectly suitable. It makes itself particularly small when needed and is literally easy to carry. It withstands the potholes of the world just as a jerking forest crossing in the bicycle bag. The variety of colours and decors available makes the delicious breakfast at the campsite or the barbecue in the garden also an optical treat.

Absolutely suitable for travelling

Tableware with many advantages

From functional underwear to survival kit: A trip should be well prepared. This should also apply to the appropriate tableware. Whether in a caravan or in a bicycle bag: robustness is paramount here. And you also have to pay attention to the limited space. ORNAMIN tableware is also an ideal travel companion in this regard.

Travel companions on the go


Our camping tableware is made of sustainable reusable plastic. This means that it is significantly more stable than porcelain and lasts longer. If during a winding ride something falls out of the cabinet or shelf: ORNAMIN crockery is almost unbreakable. And that is a good thing as reaching into the bike bag will not become a nasty surprise.


ORNAMIN tableware makes itself small


Space is in the smallest hut? In caravans stacking tableware is definitely an advantage. Our sustainable reusable crockery can be stacked well and stowed away in a space-saving way. But this is not only practical when camping. Even in a backpack or bicycle bag, the tableware makes itself really small.

The luggage remains portable


The best backpack is of no use in the long run if it is too heavy. Every gram counts when it comes to picnics, hiking or camping. ORNAMIN tableware not only makes itself particularly small on trips, it is also extremely light. By the way it is also low-noise. The annoying clatter of stainless steel or even porcelain will certainly not be missed on your hiking tour.

The whole world of enjoyment

Material, colours & decors

The following applies to all products: They are robust, lightweight and break-resistant. And they will give you pleasure for a long time. You also do something good for the environment, because the tableware contains the renewable raw material cellulose and is ecologically reasonable recyclable.

Durable and break-resistant

Why miss out on a bit of luxury while being on the go? We have small and large plates just as much in the product range as everything you need to serve. And because tastes are not only different when it comes to eating: our camping crockery is available in different colours, from classic white to cheerful trendy colours. The variety of decorations is also large and diverse. And if there is something to celebrate: Of course we also offer champagne glasses.

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