Material advantages

Reusable plastic: the advantages

Ecologically recyclable, durable and sustainable: ORNAMIN high-quality tableware made of reusable plastic have a clear lead in terms of economy, design and sustainability compared to porcelain and glass. In addition, it is virtually indistinguishable from porcelain.

ORNAMIN melamine brilliant optics

brilliant optics

The finishing of the surfaces gives the crockery a special shine and porcelain-like look. Thanks to its solid wall thickness and surface brilliance, it is significantly of higher quality than other plastic tableware.

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durable & break-resistant

Less shards, less replacements: reusable plastic is virtually unbreakable and lasts much longer than glass or porcelain. Ideal for children or motorically limited people.

ORNAMIN melamine environment-friendly

sustainable & secure

Free of bisphenol-A and other harmful plasticisers, contains the renewable raw material chlorine-free bleached cellulose and is ecologically reasonable recyclable.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup with high wall thickness


Lower heat capacity than glass and porcelain. Meals stay warm for longer, no plate dispenser necessary, tableware do not need to be preheated, while cleaning less energy is required.

ORNAMIN dishwasher safe

dishwasher safe

Suitable for cleaning in a (industrial) dishwasher. Less energy is required compared to glass and porcelain.

ORNAMIN customisable


All tableware parts can be customised with an own logo, design, special colour, images or graphics.

ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

light & low-noise

Only about 1/3 of the weight of porcelain, low noise-emission: relief for the staff and guests, no ear protection in the canteen kitchen necessary.

ORNAMIN correct tare

our tare is right

More correct results while weighing dishes in canteens. Lower weight tolerances compared to glass or porcelain.

suitable for RFID

All tableware parts can be equipped with RFID technology in order to facilitate processes of payment, deposit or return.

Efficiency that pays off.


With ORNAMIN reusable tableware you can save 3.875 Euro and more compared to porcelain when using it over 5 years. This is confirmed by a survey of experts from trade and application. According to this, porcelain has a breakage rate of 15 – 50 % while plastic has less than 5 %.

Economic efficiency calculation

Stable & long-lasting

The calculation example shows the costs of new procurement after 5 years in €. A first purchase of 500 plates each at a price of 5€ per plate is assumed. The breakage rate for plastic is 2 % (= 10 plates) and for porcelain is 33 % (= 165 plates).

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My employees immediately noticed the low weight of the dishes positively – an enormous relief in their daily work.

Mrs. Kamenz,
Director „Stattküche“, School and Nursery Catering
Canteen in the School Centre South Porta Westfalica


Daniela Bugla, Sales

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