Advantages of melamine


Melamine tableware: the advantages

Unique material and features

Besides its hidden features the tableware by ORNAMIN offers another advantage: the material melamine. Due to its special characteristics the melamine tableware provides for better results regarding economy, design and even sustainability in comparison to porcelain and glass. Moreover the melamine tableware is hardly distinguishable from porcelain.

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ORNAMIN Melamine Tableware
ORNAMIN Melamine Tableware
ORNAMIN Melamine Tableware
ORNAMIN particularly quiet

pleasantly quiet

One advantage for parents of small children: an especially low noise emission. Even in canteens the guests feel less disturbed while eating. Furthermore there is no ear protection needed in the canteen kitchen.

ORNAMIN melamine environment-friendly

environmentally-friendly & harmless

Reusable: melamine tableware contains a renewable raw material and is ecologically reasonably recyclable. The high-quality plastic is harmless and free of BPA and other harmful plasticisers.


ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

particularly light

Melamine crockery only weighs about 1/3 as much as porcelain which makes it easy to carry by children, people with physical limitations or the elderly. An advantage for canteens: The loaded trays are not so heavy and it simplifies the work of the kitchen staff.

ORNAMIN extremely sturdy

durable & shatterproof

Melamine tableware is especially break-resistant, sturdy and thus ideal for children or people with limited motoric abilities. It is much longer durable than glass or porcelain.

ORNAMIN tableware secure grip

pleasant haptics

Melamine is visually appealing, similar to porcelain and provides a high-quality feel. Due to its characteristics of plastic it does not feel as cold as porcelain. Thanks to solid wall thickness and shiny surface it is much more high-quality than other plastic tableware.

ORNAMIN melamine brilliant optics

brilliant optics

The surface coating gives the crockery a special shine. Hence, melamine crockery is almost undistinguishable from porcelain.

ORNAMIN dishwasher safe

dishwasher safe

Melamine tableware is suitable for being cleaned in the dishwasher. It requires less energy than porcelain and glass.

Icon: Weniger Ersatzkäufe

less need for replacements

The break-resistant advantage: less shards, less replacement purchases. In comparison to porcelain effort and money are saved.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cups recyclable

sustainable & recyclable

Melamine crockery contains the renewable resource cellulose and can be ecologically reasonably recycled.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup with high wall thickness


Melamine has a lower heat capacity than glass or porcelain. Thus food stays warm for longer and the cleaning requires less energy.

ORNAMIN correct tare

correct tare

The weighing of meals in canteens offers more correct results. The weight tolerances are much lower than glass or porcelain.

ORNAMIN customisable

customised designs

At ORNAMIN you can easily design your own tableware. Whether with an own logo, individual design, special colours, photos or digital graphics – everything is possible. If you are interested, please contact our customer service.

My staff immediately noticed the light weight of the tableware – a huge relief for everyday work.

Mrs. Kamenz,
director „Stattküche“, catering for schools and nurseries

ORNAMIN Quality: Efficiency that can be accounted for

By using the melamine crockery of ORNAMIN in a canteen instead of porcelain, you can save 3,875 GBP and more over the time period of 5 years. This was proven by a survey among trade and application professionals. Accordingly, the breakage rate of porcelain is at 15 – 50 %, whereas the breakage rate of melamine is only at 5 %. The following calculation example is based on a price of 5 GBP for both plates.

You are unsure how much tableware you need for your number of students? Gladly we will help you and support you calculating.

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