Raw material of the 21st century

Innovative plastic makes a contribution to a better world

It is the source of innovations that contribute to sustainability, safety, longer durability and better performance.

Plastic in the myths check

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The correct handling of plastic is significant in order to not pollute the environment. This is why each individual has the responsibility to make its contribution.

At ORNAMIN all daily processes focus on sustainable actions as well.

Good reasons for using plastics

Especially light:
The density of plastic is half as large as the one of glass, porcelain or light metals. This saves resources already while transporting.
Energy-saving and heat-insulating:
Plastics provide for great isolation against heat.
Low processing temperatures:
Already while production energy is saved as the processing temperatures are significantly lower than those of glass and porcelain.
Durable and break-resistant:
Plastic is very break-resistant and much longer durable than glass or porcelain.
Non-toxic, clean plastic is 100 % recyclable.
Easy shaping:
Plastic can easily be formed in many different shapes.
Increasing mobility:
By using plastics for building air planes and cars the fuel consumption decreases due to the light weight.
Prevention of resources due to reusability:
Plastic made of mineral oil has a long-term benefit, e.g. in the building industry and automotive industry, in contrast to single-use due to burning.
Contribution to the generation of energy:
Parts of wind power plants and solar panels are made of plastic whereby this raw material makes a contribution to the generation of energy.

Disposable vs. reusable

Reusable products made of plastic are the sustainable alternative. In contrast to disposable products they make an important contribution to prevent the environment and resources.


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