Plate with Sloped Base Ø 26 cm white

Special plate with sloped base and non-slip ring for eating with one hand.


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  • M901-2
"Plate with Sloped Base Ø 26 cm"
  • three functions in one: plate, food bumper, non-slip mat
  • sloped base, discreet overhang and non-slip ring support while eating
  • BPA-free, durable, 100 % recyclable
  • dishwasher safe, not microwaveable
  • sustainable reusable tableware, 100 % Made in Germany
Product information:
Model No.: 901
Material: High-quality plastic (BPA-free)
Diameter: 260 mm
Weight: 495 g
Height: 40 mm
EAN / GTIN: 4041736100776
ORNAMIN_unbewegliche_Finger_2NoodxU2DI2s9w Limited mobility in the fingers
ORNAMIN_einhaendig_Essen_2lhoIiR3AnG9ui Limited mobility in the hands
ORNAMIN_zitternde_Haende_2AY9kQbpoS51Th Shaky hands
Use and Care Instructions
BPA-free-icon-2 BPA free
Spuelmaschinengeeignet-2 dishwasher safe
Lebensmittelgeeignet2 food-suitable
nicht-Mikrowellengeeignet-2 not microwaveable
All use and care instructions (PDF)
Note:  This product (Plate with Sloped Base model 901) is designed specifically for people... more
"Plate with Sloped Base Ø 26 cm"

Note: This product (Plate with Sloped Base model 901) is designed specifically for people with a long-term disability and therefore is accepted as subject to VAT relief on Amazon.

Hidden helpers.
Eating can become a real challenge when one can only use one hand. Hence, the innovative Plate with Sloped Base made of melamine hides a few special features behind its appealing design: The sloped base that is slanted towards the rim of the plate makes sure that food gets onto a spoon or fork more easily, so eating with only one hand is no problem at all. It works well for mains as well as soups but also as an eating aid for children. This dining plate with support function is a practical daily help for the elderly, in the care or for people living with diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's.
Secure stand.
Eating with physical limitations or only one hand and not pushing around the plate in front of you is not that easy. This is where the brake function comes in: Discreetly hidden under the base of the plate is the non-slip ring. Together with the unnoticeable overhang it guarantees that the plate will not slide around.
Three features in one.
Altogether, the Plate with Sloped Base combines three products into one: plate, food bumper and non-slip placemat. This enables independent eating even when dealing with physical impairments, without the tableware being visually distinguishable from conventional tableware.
The ORNAMIN Plate with Sloped Base is available in three different sizes:
- 901 (Ø 26 cm)
- 902 (Ø 20 cm)
- Bowl with Sloped Base, model 903 (Ø 15.5 cm)
By the way: The special plates as well as the Bowl with Sloped Base are also available with "old" floral decors to bring back positive memories. This can have a positive effect on the eating behaviour, especially on people living with dementia.
An award-winning product.
The Plate with Sloped Base is a good example for the so-called Universal Design – the combination of functionality and optimal handling with appealing design. The melamine tableware promotes a positive eating atmosphere, makes everyone feel comfortable and enjoy their food. This does not only convince our customers. Our tableware has won many internationally renowned design awards.

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