Set of Cups, 2 Non-Slip Cups with Scale 220 ml, Spouted Lid and Drinking Lid

Colourful feeding cup with non-slip scale for firm hold


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Note:  This set (Non-Slip Cup with Scale model 820 and Spouted Lid small opening model 806... more
"Set of Cups, 2 Non-Slip Cups with Scale 220 ml, Spouted Lid and Drinking Lid"
  • 2 lids: 1x classic Spouted Lid for drinking without tilting the head backwards and 1x discreet lid with holes all around for intuitive drinking from all sides
  • The non-slip surface of the cup is ideal for wet or shaky hands and insensibility of fingers, the non-slip scale enables a quick check of contents
  • Practical daily help for the elderly, private and professional care and people living with diseases such as strokedementiamultiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, dysphagia
  • The drinking cup made of break-resistant quality plastic is durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable
  • High-quality plastic in ORNAMIN quality, made in Germany
Product information:
Model No.: 820 + 806 + 814
Material: PP/TPE
Diameter: 71 mm
Volume: 220 ml
EAN / GTIN: 4041736112496
Order No.: 5945, 1184, 5945, 11908
non slip function
Use and Care Instructions
dishwasher safe

Note: This set (Non-Slip Cup with Scale model 820 and Spouted Lid small opening model 806 and Drinking Lid model 814) is designed specifically for people with a long-term disability and therefore is accepted as subject to VAT relief on Amazon.

This set consists of the separately available components 2x Non-Slip Cup with Scale 220 ml (model 820), 1x Drinking Lid small opening (ø 5 mm) (model 806) and 1x Drinking Lid (ø 70 mm) (model 814).
Non-slip scale for content control.
The decor of the plastic cup does not only provide grip, the integrated metric scale makes checking the liquid inside the cup easier. This feature facilitates the work process of care staff in hospitals and nursing homes. The scale enables quick and easy measuring, facilitates controlling the drinking behaviour and prevents dehydration from happening.
The desired volume is reached when the liquid gets to the corresponding decor circles. Whether in everyday or professional life – this reusable cup is a pretty and simple enrichment for everyone.
Non-slip function.
The Non-Slip Cup with Scale is 100 mm high, 71 mm wide, weighs 45 g and has a volume of 220 ml. The decor is made out of special material with strong non-slip function. It does not only look good but also improves the drinking comfort noticeably. The high grip makes drinking for people with limited hand function easier and gives children’s hands a secure hold, which makes it wonderful to use fo birthdays or parties.

Independent drinking.
The Drinking Lid (ø 5 mm) fits a large selection of ORNAMIN cups and prevents spilling and leaking. People with limited neck mobility especially benefit from the length of the spout, as the head does not have to be tilted backwards. Furthermore, the spouted cup gives people with disabilities more security for drinking, which makes it a helpful everyday aid in care. In addition, it helps children to practice drinking on their own.

No choking, no scalding.
The drinking lid with all round openings makes drinking from all sides possible, which encourages intuitive use. Its design makes it disappear inside the mug, so it does not stand out as a drinking aid. Additionally, the drinking lid reduces the risk of choking, since compared to a spouted lid, the swallowing reflex is triggered through direct contact with the lip– similarly to when drinking without a lid. Moreover, the user can feel the temperature of the beverage with the lips and is less likely to get burned on the tongue or mouth than when drinking with a spouted lid. For straw-lovers there is a special opening the straw can be clamped in.

Every component of this set is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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