Use and care instructions


Pretty easy to clean

Bild: ORNAMIN Pflegehinweise Handschuh mit Lappen

Due to the unique quality and characteristics of the products ORNAMIN gives a 30-years warranty from the time of purchase on faults possibly caused by the production (see here the detailed warranty conditions). For that the products really last a lifetime a few care instructions need to be considered. First of all it is important to know that the ORNAMIN tableware is suitable for eating and drinking – thus it is explicitly not appropriate for the preparation of meals in the cooker, oven or microwave.

General cleaning instructions

To clean the ORNAMIN tableware please do not use any pointed or sharp-edged items such as knives or sponges made of steel as they impair the refined surface. Additionally the use of harsh cleaning agents like scouring agent needs to be avoided. Accessories such as the non-slip rim or grip pads are dishwasher safe and may stay in the product while rinsing or can be cleaned separately. Leave the grip pads of the keep warm tableware attached to the plate or bowl while cleaning in the dishwasher and remove them only after rinsing for the purpose of drying.

Product labelling

The ORNAMIN tableware is characterised by several symbols. Apart from the production data and information on the used materials these symbols also indicate product-specific use and care instructions.

Please go to use and care instructions to see a detailed chart including all care instructions, technical data and special details regarding the single products.

Furthermore our team gladly answers all specific questions on the products under +44 (0) 121 667 6279.