Milch Feinkost


„Our new reusable cups by Ornamin definitely please our customers! The cups are for sale and can be brought with them for the next coffee pleasure. The known and popular optics of the previously used paper cups could be transferred due to the individual design possibilities so that our beverages for take-away offer an additional benefit.“ 

Milch – Nico Ueckermann

The small café in the Portuguese quarter in Hamburg exists since January 2015. In a nice surrounding delicious coffee by local roasting plants is served.

In the café Milch you can order espresso, americano, cappuccino or a flat white but also freshly brewed peppermint tea or hot chocolate. Moreover chocolate croissants, waffles and cake are available. Nico Ueckermann would like to extend the product range in the future.

From the beginning also beverages for take-away had been available, in the meantime they are filled in the new reusable to go cups. These cost 8 euros each. You can also buy the lid and cup separately for 3 respectively 5 euros – thus you do not have to throw away the whole cup in case of a defect or loss. The customers are thrilled by the changeover to sustainable consumption and like to use the cup as a stylish accessoire.

ORNAMIN Reference Milch Feinkost
ORNAMIN Reference Milch Feinkost
ORNAMIN Reference Milch Feinkost
ORNAMIN UK Daniela Bugla

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