Multiple Sclerosis


Independent eating and drinking with multiple sclerosis

Daily living aids and useful features

Problems with sensitivity, numbness or tingling in the arms, legs and torso can limit the movements that are required in everyday life. Eating soup becomes a challenge, particularly when the visual disturbances typical of MS occur, limiting perception of contrast and sharpness. Due to active assistance by features hidden in the design the functional tableware by ORNAMIN supports to maintain and encourage independence of people concerned.

5 facts about multiple sclerosis

• MS is also called „the disease of 1000 faces“: no two cases are alike
• Women are roughly twice as likely to be affected as men
• First symptoms usually show between the ages of 20 and 40
• The average age at the time of diagnosis is 30
• Depending on the affected area of the brain or spinal cord, different physical limitations can be caused

ORNAMIN drinking aid multiple sclerosis
ORNAMIN Christine Rupp

For people living with MS the family tableware by ORNAMIN is a real help. During the development of the features everything was kept in mind and ideas were well executed, for example, ergonomic grip pads on the cups.

Christine, MS patient, Blogger

MS tableware by ORNAMIN

Tricks for independent eating and drinking with MS

Coordination and mobility disorder are highly common among MS patients and can also be tackled with constant practice. The functional tableware by ORNAMIN aims to preserve independence. With the non-slip ring under the base of the plate with sloped base and the non-slip board eating becomes a lot easier and the mugs with internal cone support independent drinking with hidden features.

In addition, colour contrasts between table, plate and food help to aid fading vision. The resulting colour and decor design is especially important for the ORNAMIN tableware with features.

When dealing with dysphagia, replacing spouted lids with drinking lids can be helpful. Those also prevent spilling, support the natural swallowing process and are more discreet.


The ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids…

ORNAMIN independent eating and drinking

… help with retaining and promoting independence thanks to their intuitive handling (Universal Design).

ORNAMIN melamine brilliant optics

… provide orientation for those with limited vision thanks to the colourful contrasts.

ORNAMIN relief of the care staff

… relieve those affected and their carers and helpers of some of the burden.

ORNAMIN relief while eating and drinking

… make eating and drinking with limited motor skills in hands, arms and neck easier.

The supportive features in the family tableware by ORNAMIN are enlightening and in touch with everyday life. They help to make sure that any physical restrictions at the dining table remain invisible and the person affected doesn‘t lose the joy of eating and drinking. It is good to know that ORNAMIN thinks about the physical disabilities that dominate the lives of those with MS and develops solutions that can be used everyday and which do not stigmatise.

Sabine Marina, MS patient, Blogger

Secure eating despite shaking

The practical tremor spoon guard ensures that food stays securely on the spoon. The spoon guard compensates shaking and is a great relief while eating for people with shaky hands. It fits onto any common spoon and offers a pleasant feeling while eating thanks to its flexible material.

The ORNAMIN multiple sclerosis cutlery

With hidden features in knife, fork and spoon the cutlery supports independent eating even with only limited movement in hands and fingers. Fork and spoon have an S shape, are well balanced and can be held and used more comfortably than regular cutlery.

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