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Professional tableware for clinics and hospitals

Hospital tableware and care tableware for everyday life in hospitals

There are high requirements for hospital tableware: it needs to be economic as well as cost-efficient and also to guarantee the high quality of care for patients. Saving of time and an easy handling by the hospital staff are as important as the safety and satisfaction of the employees and patients. What is more are the special demands of special wards such as stroke unit, geriatrics or psychiatry: intuitive usage of the eating and drinking aids, fulfilment of the standards of care as well as the special needs of people living with dementia. With more than 100,000 sold cups, mugs and bowls in the field of hospitals and care ORNAMIN is an expert for eating and drinking with a disability.

ORNAMIN classic tableware

Quality tableware for everyday life in hospitals

The professional hospital tableware by ORNAMIN combines cost-efficiency and sustainability with a high quality standard:

• durability due to high break-resistance of the high-quality material
• special shiny coating protects from scratches and discolourations
• surface brillance with elegant optics similar to porcelain
• much longer durable than glass or porcelain
• lower expense of money and time due to significantly less replacements
• no shards – safety for employees and patients
• saving of energy due to the material’s low thermal capacity in comparison to porcelain
• easy allocation to wards due to different decors and colours

Special tableware for the care

The ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids are intelligently adjusted to the special needs of patients, carers and hospital staff:

• special plates and mugs encourage independent eating and drinking
• orientation while eating due to contrasting colours
• ergonomic and safe
• discreet, not stigmatising aids enable independent food intake
• relieve the care staff
• intuitive usage due to supportive features
• standards of care fulfilled, satisfaction of residents increases
• absolutely dishwasher safe

ORNAMIN drinking aid

Parkinson's aid tremor spoon guard

The practical tremor spoon guard ensures that food stays on the spoon despite a tremor or cramps. The Parkinson’s spoon compensates trembles and is a great relief while eating for people with shaky hands. The attachment is easy to attach to most commercially available spoons and offers a pleasant feeling while eating thanks to its flexible material.

Dementia-sensitive hospital

ORNAMIN dementia tableware

The ORNAMIN dementia tableware is especially suitable for special wards such as stroke units, geriatrics and psychiatry in clinics. The tableware is characterised by red colour accents as the colour red plays an important role relating to dementia and Alzheimer’s. It provides orientation, has a positive effect on the appetite and those living with dementia can still recognise it even in the advanced stages. An often side effect of dementia is dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, which complicates swallowing. The ORNAMIN mugs with internal cone and special lid ensure that patients do not choke.

The majority of our day guests exhibits signs of dementia, both physically and mentally. The tableware range with supportive features by ORNAMIN enables everyone to eat independently. In addition, our day guests have chosen to drink more often since we started using the red cups by ORNAMIN. This is a huge advantage because the desire to drink often declines in old age. This is why I would be happy to recommend ORNAMIN tableware to our guests‘ families for use at home.

Anne, manager of a day centre

Premium melamine tableware for clinics and hospitals

ORNAMIN tableware secure grip


no shards, no risk of injury

ORNAMIN extremely sturdy


high-quality and durable material

ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

Particularly light

melamine weighs only about a third of porcelain

ORNAMIN particularly quiet

Pleasantly quiet

low noise emission

Icon: Weniger Ersatzkäufe

Saving of costs

low breakage rate, less need for replacements

ORNAMIN melamine brilliant optics

Brilliant optics

looks like porcelain

Professional tableware for clinics & hospitals


ORNAMIN Quality: Efficiency that is accountable

With professional melamine tableware by ORNAMIN you can save 3,875 GBP and more over the usage time of five years in comparison to porcelain. This was proven by a survey asking professionals from trade and application. Thereafter, porcelain has a breakage rate of 15 – 50 %, whereas with melamine it is less than 5 %.

If you are unsure how much tableware you need for your number of residents, we will gladly help you calculating and make you an individual offer.

More information on the melamine advantages you will find here.

ORNAMIN Melamine breakage


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