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Functional, light, break-resistant: real daily living aids for care institutions


Professional tableware for care institutions & day care

Classic crockery and care tableware

Tableware for care institutions is subject to special requirements. Common dishes made of porcelain or ceramic break quickly, cause a higher risk of injury and often replacements. The tableware for the care and kitchen staff is required to be easy to carry. Moreover care homes need special tableware for the elderly, people with a disability or dementia in order to support independent eating and drinking and to have more time for the care.

ORNAMIN tableware secure grip


no shards, no risk of injury

ORNAMIN extremely sturdy


high-quality and durable material

ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

Especially light

plastic weighs only about 1/3 of porcelain

ORNAMIN particularly quiet

Pleasantly low-noise

low noise emission

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Saving of costs

low breakage rate, less replacements

ORNAMIN melamine brilliant optics

Brilliant optics

looks like porcelain

Ornamin dementia tableware

Elegant, puristic, classic or modern – we have the tableware series that fits perfectly your needs.

The ORNAMIN dementia tableware is characterised by red colour accents as the colour red plays an important role relating to dementia and Alzheimer’s. It provides orientation, has a positive effect on the appetite and those living with dementia can still recognise it even in the advanced stages. An often side effect of dementia is dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, which complicates swallowing. The ORNAMIN mugs with internal cone and special lid ensure that patients do not choke.

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Innovations for professionals

Low-noise, light, durable and ecofriendly – high-quality tableware made of reusable plastic offers care institutions many advantages.

In communal catering, materials such as glass tableware or porcelain quickly break and cause a high risk of injury through splinters and shards. Loud rattling is annoying and heavy carrying often leads to tendonitis. ORNAMIN reusable tableware provides relief for the staff due to its special lightness. It is also innovative: all tableware items can be equipped with RFID technologies in order to facilitate processes of payment, deposit or return.

High-quality tableware for the communal catering.


Classic or rather elegant? The two tableware series in classic style and elegant design were developed especially for professional use in nursing homes and day care facilities. They fit on all typical tray systems and are absolutely dishwasher safe. A special gloss layer protects against scratches and discolouration, the special surface brilliance creates a porcelain-like appearance and the wide rim can be designed in a preferred colour.

ORNAMIN Geschirr für Senioreneinrichtungen
ORNAMIN Trinkhilfe für Pflege und Senioreneinrichtungen

Special tableware for the care.


The requirements for supporting crockery for the care are substantially different from those of traditional crockery. For this purpose, Ornamin has developed special eating and drinking aids: the special cups and plates are ergonomic and safe. They can be used intuitively and support independent eating and drinking. Discreet, non-stigmatising aids enable independent food intake. High-contrast colours give orientation when eating. CQC care standards are met, nurses are relieved and the satisfaction of the residents increases.

We have been really thrilled with the response to our ORNAMIN Mugs with internal cone. Since I first saw ORNAMIN at the Care Show I was really taken by the look of quality – and that is what has been so important to me in our ‘hunt’ for the best products – something longer lasting but that looks like restaurant quality. ORNAMIN certainly ‘ticked that box’. We also ordered the classic style mugs 300 ml – at first I was a little concerned that the white ones might look and feel a bit like cheap plastic BUT the feedback has been outstanding. The elderly people who we provide services for love them – every comment was how light and easy to use they are. I certainly get it myself – I’ve used them and really understand how they would feel. And – as for the blackberry mug – we all just adore the colour and people are loving them (They look like a takeaway Costa coffee as well which makes me smile)!

Tui Shirley – Director at The Oasis Care Home Ltd

The majority of our day guests exhibits signs of dementia, both physically and mentally. The tableware range with supportive features by ORNAMIN enables everyone to eat independently. In addition, our day guests have chosen to drink more often since we started using the red cups by ORNAMIN. This is a huge advantage because the desire to drink often declines in old age. This is why I would be happy to recommend ORNAMIN tableware to our guests‘ families for use at home.

Anne, manager of a day centre

We have been working with ORNAMIN for some time now and find the company a pleasure to be associated with. Their Customer Service is excellent and nothing is too much bother to help us with our marketing and sales. Our Australian market is so pleased to have the ORNAMIN Dinnerware here now and all sectors of the market are purchasing, from Residential Care Facilities to Hospitality and also the Home market. There is nothing in our market that meets the same standard and quality of the ORNAMIN products.

Jan Wood
Healthcare Speciality Products, Australia

In UGARI we are delighted to offer to the Spanish and Portuguese markets a range of products like ORNAMIN, with a product development that responds to the real needs of users and an aesthetic design that transmits… Joy of living!

Eugenio Lorbada
Managing Director
Ugari Geriátrica, SLU

In the context of the project “Nutrition with Dementia”, it is important to me that the students get to know the handling and use of different types of food intake aids through your product training, in order to ensure the best possible care for people living with dementia. Not only the use of aids in the stationary area is required, but also the consulting of relatives in the outpatient sector, for example.

Christa Isenberg
Care for the Elderly of the Julius Tönebön Foundation, Hameln

I work with ORNAMIN’s products in class because their appealing appearance and easy handling in the context of the nutrition of elderly people make an important contribution to maintaining or regaining independence.

Nina Kreye
Specialist Seminar for the Care of the Elderly in the Sarepta Foundations | Nazareth

The majority of the residents with gerontopsychiatric clinical disease gets along very well with the dishes of ORNAMIN. Especially the plate with sloped base makes it easier to eat independently, as it does not slip off the table. And the colourful decorations are very popular. Since often something falls to the ground, the “common” dishes are also ideal for our institution, since they are break-resistant. Here the different colours are also particularly well received by the residents.

Thorsten Partay
Head of Nursing Services
Haus Langer Peter, GPS GmbH

Advantages that last forever

ORNAMIN tableware is a third lighter than porcelain which relieves the canteen staff. We take back discarded tableware parts as well as broken crockery and recycle it ecologically reasonable.


Efficiency that pays off.

ORNAMIN products pay off: Our professional crockery for canteen kitchens is break-resistant and substantially more durable and economical than porcelain tableware. Everyone got something oft hat for a long time. You are unsure how much tableware you need for your number of residents? We are happy to help you calculate.

Ornamin To Go Nachhaltigkeit


Our contribution to the environment.

All our products are 100 % Made in Germany, virtually unbreakable, reusable and completely recyclable. While production the environment and climate are prevented. Smart, isn’t it?

Material advantages

One Material, many advantages.

Our expertise is our plastic: break-resistant, durable, pleasantly low-noise and 100 % made in Germany. In addition, ORNAMIN crockery is ecologically recyclable and is partly made from renewable raw materials. The life cycle assessment is therefore not only positive for the environment, but also for you.

Ornamin Geschirr Materialvorteile


Daniela Bugla, Sales

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