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Cutlery for one-handed use with supporting feature


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Note:  This set (Cutlery Set model 980) is designed specifically for people with a... more
"Cutlery Set"
  • Cutlery set, contains 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon
  • The special cutlery is ergonomically formed: firm grip and eating independently even with limited hand and finger mobility or tremor
  • The non-slip, attachable grip pads leave a pleasant feeling
  • Aid for one-handed use in universal design: visually pleasant, not noticeable as an aid, no stigma
  • High-quality stainless steel: antirust, dishwasher safe, dimensionally stable, hygienic, acid-resistant and unbreakable
  • ORNAMIN quality made in Germany
Product information:
Model No.: 980
Material: Metal, TPE
EAN / GTIN: 4041736107782
Order No.: 11925, 11914, 11911
non slip function
Use and Care Instructions
dishwasher safe

Note: This set (Cutlery Set model 980) is designed specifically for people with a long-term disability and therefore is accepted as subject to VAT relief on Amazon.

Eating independently despite a disability.
The ORNAMIN Cutlery Set is the perfect addition to the ORNAMIN functional tableware. The Cutlery is intuitively usable and does not require explanation. Since there are no predetermined holding positions, the user can choose how to hold it the best way. Of course, it is suitable for left- and right-handers, as well as people living with diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or stroke.
Functionality and design.
The Cutlery is designed in a visually appealing and non-stigmatising way, so it can be used by as many people as possible. In addition, it features different functions that guarantee secure hold and independent eating in case of limited hand and finger mobility: The S-shaped silhouette of fork and spoon in combination with ergonomically shaped, slip-on grip pads offers discreet support when lifting, holding and guiding the cutlery. The haptics of the soft non-slip material TPW ensures secure hold – even for shaky hands. As the spoon is shaped perfectly circular, eating is possible from all sides without holding the cutlery in an awkward way. 
Also the design of the knife hides special functions: the back of the knife can be placed between the middle and index fingers for a confident grip when holding and cutting, even in case of motoric limitations in hands or fingers. The round surface of the handle allows it to sit comfortably in hands off all sizes and the grip pad offers secure hold, so a comfortable and secure feeling is created when holding the knife. The weight of the cutlery helps to compensate the symptoms of a resting tremor.
The Cutlery Set includes:
- Knife (model 981)
- Fork (model 982)
- Spoon (model 983)
Every element is also available separately in the ORNAMIN Shop and without grip pads.
In the sense of Universal Design the features hidden in the cutlery set support the confidence of the user, as the assisting features are not visible from the outside. The high-quality cutlery was already awarded with two internationally renowned design awards.

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