Sustainable reusable products

ORNAMIN produces ecological and ethical sustainably. For us, the responsible usage of resources is natural. We refuse wasting resources by producing single-use products. All of ORNAMIN’s developed and manufactured reusable products can be used multiple times and are recyclable. They are needed and offer a real benefit.

Sustainable production

Employees, machines and products have to make an ecological and economic contribution. For the production of the break-resistant tableware ORNAMIN uses exclusively recyclable materials.

ORNAMIN sustainable production
ORNAMIN Coffee to go reusable plastic tableware

Reusable plastic tableware

Ornamin sets a sign for sustainable consumption and against increasing pollution and the waste of resources and develops sustainable and reusable tableware made of high-quality plastic.

Sustainable solutions for take away

Ornamin develops and produces sustainable to go solutions. The coffee to go mugs and food to go bowls can be individually and dishwasher safe decorated. Moreover the to go bowls and lids can be equipped with RFID technology, e.g. in order to facilitate processes of payment, deposit or return.

ORNAMIN take away tableware: reusable solutions
ORNAMIN Daniela Bugla

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