Flexible and individual



Excellent family-friendly

Family is an important aspect at ORNAMIN. Family–friendly arrangements which exceed legal regulations and effectively relieve families are not an exeption at ORNAMIN but a norm. This includes flexible work time and individually arranged solutions for families in order to coordinate the job and the care of children and relatives.

The company got honoured with the seal “Excellent family–friendly”. The employees in Minden have submitted their employer and company for this award.

ORNAMIN got awarded with the seal “excellent family-friendly” by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ostwestfalen Lippe.

Managing children and job

Kelly Fisher, Sales UK:

„Due to flexible working hours I am able to take care of our customers at ORNAMIN and my family and my horses as well.“

ORNAMIN Compatibility of family and profession

Less worries

Holger von der Emde, CEO of ORNAMIN and father of three children, knows that there is a lot of organisation required between changing diapers and being employed. That is why compatibility of family and profession is natural and deep-seated in the corporate culture of ORNAMIN.

In order to ensure his employees a family-friendly working atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, he looks beyond his own nose: “Every family for itself organises its everyday life differently. At ORNAMIN we see it as our task to make the compatibility of these diverse challenges as easy as possible for our employees. Neither the family nor the tasks at work shall be affected by this double pressure.“

ORNAMIN Compatibility of family and profession

A real ORNAMIN family

Natalie Dobler, Head of Sales, and Thorsten Erdelt, Head of Research and Development, with Hannah:

„Through flexible working time, ORNAMIN makes it possible for us to work in a managing position while still having time for the family. We couldn’t have dreamed of a greater cooperation.“