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Our reusable mugs avoid waste, prevent resources and thus make a positive contribution to the environment.


Ecofriendly coffee pleasure for on the go

Sustainable reusable cups

The reusable coffee to go mugs by ORNAMIN are perfect for a coffee on the go or other beverages for take-away. The stylish cups are made of high-quality plastic and are microwave safe, extremely sturdy but light and can be locked leakproofly with a suitable to go lid. The reusable mug is not only well suitable for beverages but also for snacks such as fruit salad, yoghurt with cereals etc.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go cups
ORNAMIN Coffee to go cups
ORNAMIN environment-friendly

Better than porcelain or glass

The coffee to go cups combine modern elegance with good handling. In contrast to porcelain or glass the hot mugs made of high-quality plastic can be held better as they do not become very hot. Furthermore they are very light and do not break so quickly.

ORNAMIN Coffee to take away
ORNAMIN Coffee to take away
ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cups easy to transport

Perfect for on the go

The reusable coffee to go mugs are perfect for on the go when driving or on the way to the office. Hot beverages such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate can be filled in at any coffee dispenser, bakery or service station and locked tightly with a lid for take away.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go
Bamboo mug
ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cups recyclable

Enjoy sustainably

In contrast to disposable cups the recyclable ORNAMIN coffee to go mugs preserve the environment as well as resources and avoid rubbish. The sturdy reusable mugs are also a highlight as tea to go, smoothie to go, iced tea to go or cocktail to go.

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Non-toxic & microwave safe

According to a test of the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest bamboo mugs contain harmful substances which are set free while warming up – also already by hot coffee – and get into the beverage. In contrast to this, the ORNAMIN coffee to go-cups do not set free any pollutants while heating and can be carefreely used in the microwave.

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Individually printable

The high-quality coffee to go mugs by ORNAMIN can be all around individually and dishwasher safely foiled. Own logo, special colour or graphic – everything is possible, even with a low number of units. Gladly we will make an individual offer for you and support you while designing.

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