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Do you have questions about our reusable products? Maybe you care for a relative and would like to know more about our eating and drinking aids? Maybe you're an educator looking for sustainable reusable tableware for your nursery? Maybe you're a caterer and want to set up your own reusable system, but don't know how. Or you have a question about your order or a completely different concern. Whatever it is, we are happy to help.


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 Shelley McDonnell

Customer Service 

P.: +44 (0) 121 667 6279 


Jan Röckemann

Customer Service

P: +44 (0) 121 667 6279



Katja Antal

Marketing Enquiries

P: +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-75



Eva Busemann

Corporate Communication,

Marketing & PR

P: +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-68



Petra Bode

Applications, Apprenticeship, Studies

P: +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-97


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