Special offer: free Halloween stickers

Autumn has arrived, the leaves are falling from the trees and soon it's trick-or-treating time again. Discover the new Halloween Edition in pumpkin, fluorescent and orange-transparent. In October, you get free stickers to stick on every product of the Halloween Edition (>> watch sticker instruction). 


Glow in the dark

Our Glow Edition is a special highlight. Great Gloria and Big Bruno are made of a fluorescent material that is charged by light and glows in the dark. This makes the stickers stand out particularly well. The neighbours will be wide-eyed when you walk around in the dark with them. 


New autumn colours

Our sustainable reusable products are now also available in the colours pumpkin and orange-transparent. Matching to the colourful autumn season. The Great Gloria coffee to go reusable cup and the practical Big Bruno reusable bowl are perfect for takeaway food and drinks on the go.

New: zero waste - series: 100% recycled

ORNAMIN relies on circular economy: To ensure that sustainability does not remain just a word, ORNAMIN recycles raw materials. The parts sorted out during production are separated by type, ground and dyed in modern, neutral anthracite due to the resulting mixed colours. In this way, new products are created in closed cycles that generate no waste. 

Instead of disposable: reusable tableware to take away

Reusable instead of disposable. The ORNAMIN coffee to go reusable cups and food to go reusable bowls are sustainable, reusable and 100% recyclable. They are also practical, because the coffee can be taken on the go in the ORNAMIN Coffee to go reusable cups or refilled at any coffee machine, bakery or petrol station. In the ORNAMIN food to go bowls, food is taken from home to the office or university and reheated there directly in the bowls in the microwave. If you are travelling sustainably, you can pick up your food at the fresh food counter directly in your own reusable bowl. This saves packaging waste.  

For restaurants: reusable bowls for your reusable system

Since 3 July 2021 an EU-wide ban on single-use plastic is in effect: an alternative for plastic straws, ice cream spoons, disposable coffee cups or polystyrene boxes must be found. Many restaurants and coffee shop owners are switching to reusable systems - we produce and supply the to go bowls and cups for this purpose. As a result of the obligation for reusable dinnerware for the catering industry passed by the Federal Cabinet in Germany restaurants, cafés and bistros will also be obliged to offer coffee to go and take-aways in reusable boxes as from 2023. ORNAMIN produces reusable cups and reusable bowls to take away and out-of-home consumption: flexibly and individually adapted to your needs. You have the option of setting up your own reusable system with our reusable tableware or integrating it into an existing reusable system. ORNAMIN reusable plastic products are the sustainable alternative to porcelain, glass or ceramic. They consume less CO² in production and hardly ever break. Due to their durability, they make an important contribution to protecting the environment and resources, unlike disposable products. 

Sustainable gift idea for Halloween

Whether for Halloween or as a birthday present: the sustainable ORNAMIN reusable tableware is a unique gift idea. A special highlight are the Halloween cups and bowls, which come with stickers to stick on. With this, you conjure up a ghoulishly beautiful smile on the face of your coffee to go mug and food to go bowl. A real eye-catcher are our fluorescent reusable cups and reusable bowls that glow in the dark. Unique, individual and fun.